OhDear! is an multi-location uptime monitoring, mixed content & broken links detection and SSL certificate & transparency reporting detection tool. You can integrate it into Tideways to get availability down events displayed directly in the monitoring charts for improved correlation during investigation.

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To integrate Tideways with OhDear! there is only a single simple step necessary. Go to the "Settings" screen of your application that you want to sent notifications for and look in the top right for "Integrations" where you can click on OhDear to show the webhook URL:

Copy the URL into your clipboard and go over into your Oh Dear! account. Select the site that matches your Tideways application and paste the URL into the Webhook notification, change all the hooks to only the Site Down and Site Recovered hooks:

Then when Oh Dear! detects the site is down it will show this event inside Tideways as well:

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