Commandline Interface

The Tideways commandline interface simplifies tracing PHP console scripts and HTTP API requests for you. You can prefix any php, curl, http (httpie) or wget command you want to trace with tideways run <app> and it will set local environment variables for a PHP script or arguments to send HTTP headers with curl/wget.


Installation of the Tideways CLI is simple. The tool is supported on any Linux and Mac system at the moment.

See the Downloads page for more information on how to install the CLI.


The first step to use the CLI is importting the settings for your account. Go visit the Download dialog and follow the instructions to call tideways import.

Note, if you want generate the settings file for CLI in other directory as $HOME/.tideways then set the environment variable export TIDEWAYS_SETTINGS_DIR='my directory' before tideways import.

$ tideways import <copy your generated token here>
[OK] Imported Settings for Tideways CLI.
You can now start profliing with 'tideways run <args>'


Following command give you a short overview about tideways-commands, for more details about singles command see related articles.

$ tideways --help
Tideways command-line utilities

  tideways [command]

Available Commands:
  benchmark    Run a benchmark against a list of URLs
  event        Manage events of an application
  help         Help about any command
  import       Import your profiling settings
  list         Print a list of all available applications
  run          Trigger profiling for a given command
  trace        Manage trace triggering rules of an application
  version      Print the version of Tideways CLI

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