The Tideways Benchmark Command

For retrieving a histogram use the tideways benchmark command. This command works similar to siege. The following example shows how to test the given URL with 10 workers for 30 seconds per default and show measurements afterward.

tideways benchmark

The result looks like this for example:

Starting 10 workers...
Waiting for 30 seconds to go by...
Time is up.
Lets add up the numbers...
Requests: 508
Errors: 0
Average:    594.151575 ms
Min:               354 ms
Max:               851 ms
10.0% Percentile:   505 ms
20.0% Percentile:   535 ms
30.0% Percentile:   555 ms
40.0% Percentile:   575 ms
50.0% Percentile:   587 ms
60.0% Percentile:   603 ms
70.0% Percentile:   627 ms
80.0% Percentile:   651 ms
90.0% Percentile:   695 ms
95.0% Percentile:   743 ms
99.0% Percentile:   819 ms
99.9% Percentile:   851 ms

Command Arguments

The arguments for the command are:


(required value) One or more URLs for testing

-a --app-name

(optional) Project Name

-c --concurrency

(optional) Number of workers (default 10)

`-p --password `

(optional) HTTP basic authentication password

-r --random-order

(optional) Process URLs in a random manner

-s --sleep-max

(optional) Upper limit for the random duration that each worker sleeps between requests

-t --time

(optional) Duration of command (default 30)

-f --urls-file

(optional) Filename with new-line separated URLs


(optional) HTTP basic authentication password

-u --username

(optional) HTTP basic authentication username

Example with optional parameter --concurrency and --time

tideways benchmark --concurrency=5 --time=10
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