HipChat is a team chat that is built for business.


You can send alert notifications about response time degradations or error rate increases from Tideways directly to Hipchat rooms.


The Hipchat integration works with Room Notification API. For authorization each room requires its own token to be generated with the following steps:

  1. Open up the HipChat Administration menu and click on the tab "Rooms".

  2. Select the room you want to send notifications to, in our example "tideways-alert"

  3. Click on the submenu "Tokens" on the right which opens up the following screen:

Create Room Token for Tideways HipChat Integration

  1. Enter a label and make sure to select the "Send Notifications" scope to create a new token.

  2. Copy the token from the token listing:

Copy Room Token for Tideways HipChat Integration

  1. Go to Settings  Organizations  Integrations  Create Integration and select "HipChat" as the integration target. Enter the Hipchat room token, and the name of the room:

Configure Tideways HipChat Integration

When the integration is successfully configured you can preview it or directly attach it to alert conditions.

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