Request-based Pricing

This article references several legacy pricing plans that are not available anymore.

If you have a request-based pricing plan, then you should know some important information about what happens when you exceed the request limit.

A request-based pricing plan has an organization wide limit of requests across all projects that have a request-based license. You might have a plan that has both request-based and fixed-price licenses for different projects.

Once a day we check if all projects with request-based licenses exceed the organization wide limit of monthly requests.

When the limit is reached, we send all admins of the organization a notification and increment a counter for consecutive months of exceeding the limit.

In the first month nothing much happens when you exceed the limit.

In the second and all following months, the traces/minute gets set to zero once the limit is reached and no traces are collected anymore and profiling is not possible anymore.

You can see the request limit and the current requsts of all projects in the Billing details screen of the organization and in the license screen of each project.

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