You can configure more fine-grained access controls by using the Teams feature of Tideways where you can assign organization members to teams that can only see a limited set of configured projects. In addition, team members can only see members of the same team and administrators in the "Users" overview.

The teams feature is optional.

To enable the teams feature, you must enable team based access on the "Users" screen of your organization by clicking on the button:

enable team based access

There are two kinds of teams available at the moment:

Manually managed teams

Manually managed teams allow the user to assign and un-assign any user of the organization and grant access to all the organizations projects.

GitHub Synchronized teams

A GitHub Synchronized team uses the Github Installation token to access teams and users of a GitHub organization, using the Team API. You cannot assign or un-assign users from this team, they are automatically invited when they are added to a GitHub team or removed when they are no longer in the GitHub team. When you have created teams, you can see an overview of their assigned projects and users.

Available Team Operations

Editing a Team


Click Edit to change the name of a team. If the team is manually managed, you can Assign or Unassign users in this screen as well.


Removing a Team

Press Remove to start the workflow of removing the team from your organization. You have to confirm this operation, including the option of removing the team users from the organization entirely or keeping them around as members.

Manage Projects for Teams

You can assign each project to one or multiple teams in the "Settings" screen of the project. If teams is enabled in your organization, you can find a new settings box on that screen:


Click on Configure on this box to get to a screen where you can Assign and Unassign teams to the selected project.


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