Distributed Tracing

This feature is only available for all current plans or legacy projects with a "Pro" license.

In complex applications with multiple services, the need for tracing and profiling across multiple requests becomes important to detect performance problems. Tideways allows Tracing and Profiling data from multiple services that communicate via HTTP.

This is achieved by attaching an HTTP header to outgoing HTTP requests that connects two traces from two servers to each other, when triggering traces through Chrome Extension or CLI. Traces are not composed into distributed traces when collected from regular user traffic at the moment.

A distributed trace in Tideways is rendered in a single timeline. See the blue coloered PHP request for service "shipping-rates" that is a sub-request triggered by the yellow-colored cURL call to

Combined timeline of a parent and a child trace.

Callgraphs for all requsts parcipating in a distributed trace can be navigated to by hierachy:

Nested Callgraphs in a distributed trace
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