Upgrade to Tideways CLI 0.4

Tideways Command Line Interface with version 0.4 includes a new way to authenticate, which is not backwards compatible. Please follow the three steps below for successful upgrade to new version 0.4 of tideways-cli.

1. Upgrade Tideways-Cli Through Your Package Manger

Upgrade with Ubuntu/Debian

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install tideways-cli

Upgrade with Redhat/CentOS

yum makecache --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=tideways
yum update tideways-cli

To upgrade the manually installed tideways-cli you must download a more recent tarball with the newer version and re-install it over the existing files.

2. Go to the Commandline Settings Page and Create a User or Server Token.

The new way to authenticate works with two kinds of token, that you can generate in command line settings page:

  • User-Tokens¬†grant the CLI access to all Tideways organizations that your user account has access to.
    Recommendation: Use this approach on your developer machine and to get the old version 0.3 version behavior back.

  • Server-Tokens¬†grant the CLI access to one organization that your user account has access to. Recommendation: use the server token on continuous integration or deployment servers where access to only one organization is needed

imageFor Example create a new User-Token.imageAfter token creation you can copy the tideways-import-command for step three. image3. Run "tideways import " as shown in the dialog after token creation. image

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