CLI / Trigger Trace API

The CLI Profiling Hash API generates a payload to trigger a callgraph trace when used as a HTTP header against the project application.

Get Profiling Hash

Requirements: You need an API access token with the cli scope for this endpoint.

You can access data for your project through the URL scheme.{organization}/{application}/cli-profiling-hash


curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer <token>' \
     -X GET \


    "session": "method=0&time=1643922742&user=1&hash=30d63ae66bd565887c377bd7dcd825ac16d84f48bc466dc40a5a2c3d2823bc2b",
    "uuid": "3177bbe9-ba7e-4c9c-85c3-a6882ac1f03f"

Use the "session" key to send an HTTP Header "X-Tideways-Profiler" and "uuid" in a header "X-Tideways-Ref".

curl -H 'X-Tideways-Profiler: method=0&time=1643922742&user=1&hash=30d63ae66bd565887c377bd7dcd825ac16d84f48bc466dc40a5a2c3d2823bc2b' \
     -H 'X-Tideways-Ref: 3177bbe9-ba7e-4c9c-85c3-a6882ac1f03f' \
     -X GET \
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