Every host that runs a "tideways-daemon" or "tideways-proxy" service will be registered as a "server" in Tideways. This happens automatically and there isn’t much to configure in addition to that, so usually there is no need to dig into servers deeper.

Sampling and Servers

When daemons re-sample traces, then they do based on a traces/minute assignment that is done on the server level. In the "Servers & Environments" settings screen you can see how much traces each server is assigned.

Traces/Minute assignment per server

Server Soft-Limit, Unproxied and Proxied Servers

Each project license has a generous soft limit for servers. As long as a project is below the soft limit, each server will send detailed monitoring, profiling and exception data to Tideways.

Once the soft limit of servers is exceeded, excess servers are throttled to send only service level monitoring data and no traces back to Tideways. This is usually not a problem because the overall performance is still visible through the data from the active servers.

If you want to ensure that you have 100% coverage of all servers above the soft limit, you will need to install the tideways proxy. A proxy will pre-aggregate the data sent from your servers and pass it along to Tideways backend as if it were coming from a single server.


There are a few features that depend on recent daemon versions or PHP.ini configuration settings. You can see each servers enabled capabilities on the "Servers & Environments" settings screen.


Click on the "Details" button to see the individual requirements of a feature.

Disabling Data Transfer from a Server

If you want to disable data transmission from one of the servers reporting to Tideways, you can click on the "Disable" button to achieve this. Use-cases for this could be for example monitoring servers only temporarily, or improving the traces/minute ratios for other servers.

Sometimes Tideways staff needs to disable data transmission from individual servers that transfer excessive data due to a bug or other circumstances. In that case you can enable the servers again using the "Enable" button.

Removing Servers

If you want to remove a server that is not transmitting to Tideways anymore click "Remove". It will then not be shown for example in the "Traces" screen under filters.

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