Install on CentOS/Red Hat/Fedora

Tideways can be installed from our YUM repository which provides up to date rpm-Packages for all versions of the tideways-php, tideways-daemon, tideways-cli and tideways-proxy packages. To get started you only need the tideways-php and tideways-daemon packages for now.

Execute the following commands in your shell. They will verify and register our Yum repository and then install Tideways daemon and PHP extension from it:

echo "[tideways]
name = Tideways
baseurl =" > /etc/yum.repos.d/tideways.repo
rpm --import
yum makecache --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=tideways
yum install tideways-php tideways-cli tideways-daemon

Please follow additional installation instructions printed to the screen in case you are not using the default PHP installation of CentOS/Red Hat.

We only support automatic detection of default PHP installations with configuration files in /etc/php.d at the moment.

If you have other ways to install PHP for example remirepo, ea-php (through cPanel) or Plesk, then you must symlink the Tideways PHP extension for your version of PHP from /usr/lib/tideways into your PHP’s extension directory and configure the extension in php.ini with:

With CentOS a kernel extension Security-Enhanced Linux(SELinux) is included and enabled per default. It can prevent tideways-daemon access to web-service (http) data. To workaround this, look at SELinux enabled and no data transmitted.

Still need help? Email [email protected]