Flame Graph View

Another view for the timespans of a trace is the flame graph. It has slightly different assumptions than the timeline:

  • It does not show spans in order of their start time during the request.

  • It automatically aggregates spans with the same "title" under a single node when they have the same parent span.

This reduces the amount of screen needed for the flame graph compared to the timeline and improves visibility of short, repeated spans.

For aggregated traces and trace comparisons a flame graph is the primary view.

Differential Flame Graph

When comparing traces, a differential flame graph is used as a visualisation. The flame graph of the base trace is shown but the color scheme signals how much faster (in blue) or slower (in red) the same span is in the target trace of the comparison. A legend shows the color coding from -300% to +300% in changes.

Focus a span by clicking on it in the flame graph and to see its performance details in the panel on the right.

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