Partner Accounts and Management

For Hosting and Agency partners Tideways offers additional account management and quality of life improvements to manage many organizations.

Partner users and account

A partner user has access to all organizations that are assigned to the partner account. This allows hosting and agency partners to monitor a wide range of their customers projects and applications.

For the member of a child organization, the membership of partner users is visible in the User settings of the organization. This page is visible users with all roles.

An organization can become part of the partner account through two means:

Create Organization in the UI

When a partner user creates a new organization from "Organizations" screen, they can enter the following data:

  • Organization Name (this is the name of the customers company)

  • Project Name (this is the name of the customers project or website or domain)

  • Users from customers to invite via e-mail

  • Plan of the trial - during checkout this can be changed to a different plan.

create partner organization

Partner Management UI

From the Partner Administration view, partner users can manage the assigned organizations.

This includes the option to start a subscription as part of the reselling agreement between Tideways and the partner.

When starting a subscription you can select and change the plan or change the project size. No additional information is necsesary as the subscription will be charged to the monthly collective invoice.

From the partner administration subscriptions can also be cancelled and deleted.

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