Single Sign-On with Github


To use Github as a single sign-in provider for your Tideways organization, first connect your organization to a Github organization, by clicking "Connect Github" on the integrations screen of your organization settings:

connect github

This will take you to the installation screen of github, where you can select which organization you want to install this on:

github installation

Then you can synchronize Github Teams by clicking on the button "Synchronize Github Team" in the organizations "Users" settings screen:

synchronize github team

You can then select the Github teams you would like to synchronize:

create team from github organization team

  • In the first step, if you did not connect a github organization to your organization, you will be redirected to do that.

  • In the second step, you can select the team you want to import from the selected organization.

  • In the third step, you see all the members of the selected team for verification.

  • In the last step, you can choose projects your team member should have access to and can confirm the import.

After verification, the team will be created and synchronization of users is started in the background. If the GitHub user has made their e-mail address public, they will get an invitation e-mail. If their email is not public, they cannot be notified of this invitation and you need to make sure they "Login with GitHub" on, to get access to the organization.

User Provisioning

Users in the selected Github Team are automatically provisioned into Tideways using the Github API. This synchronization happens once every day and also disables Github users that do not have access to the connected Github organization and team anymore.

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