Slow SQL Query Logging

This feature is only available with PHP Extension 5.1.8+ and Daemon 1.6.8+.

The Slow SQL Log feature in Tideways is similar to MySQL’s, and other databases, slow query logfiles, but extended by application context information such as Stacktrace, which URL and transaction the query occurred on and others. In addition Slow SQL queries are grouped by similarity, so that you don’t get notified about the same Slow SQL over and over again.

SQL slow log is enabled on all current plans and licenses, but the bigger your license the lower you can set the possible query duration threshold.

Plan Minimal Threshold


100 ms


100 ms


250 ms



Lite (Legacy)

Not available

Hosting Lite (Legacy)

Not available

By default the slow SQL threshold is configured at 1 second in the PHP extension. To change the slow SQL logging threshold to your need, reduce the INI setting from its default of 1 seconds to a lower value:


The example above means that every query slower than 250ms is considered a slow query and appears in the slow query log.

The Tideways Slow SQL Query Log
Currently, slow SQL queries do not trigger notifications configured for the "New Error/Exception" notification type. However, you can configure notifactions to be sent when a Slow SQL query occurs.
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