Tracking PHP Warnings and Notices

This feature is available only customers with recent plans (introduced in April 2023) and requires PHP Extension 5.6.4 and Daemon 1.8.32 or higher.

The PHP runtime emits a number of warnings and notices at runtime that do not lead to an immediate crash of the process, but can be an indication of bugs.

As part of an all-encompassing error tracking solution for PHP, tracking these notices and warnings is required for good operational success.

After enabling the collection of warnings and notices, you can find these on the "Deprecations / Warnings / Notices" tab on the "Issues" screen.

Notices and Warnings are grouped by their file and line number only. This stack trace shows the last occurrence of this deprecation, but there could be other locations in the application where it gets triggered. The file is truncated to the last folder and the filename itself, so /var/www/index.php becomes www/index.php.

Notices and Warnings do not count towards the failure state of a request and are not included in the failure rate of a service or transaction.

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