Multiple Production Environments

 This feature is only available for projects with a Pro license.

By default Tideways supports one "production" environment. All other created environments like "dev" for example has only one trace per minute and a data retention of one day. 
Projects with the Pro licence are allowed to promote the other environments to production with increased data retention and more than one trace per minute. These extra traces are subtracted from the traces limit of the default "production" environment.

After creating a new environment for example "dev", navigate to 'Settings > Servers & Environments' for the selected project.


For example promote the "dev" environment to production and assign more traces per minute click on 'Edit'-Link.


The following settings can be modified for each environment:



Promote to production flag

Increases the data retention and monitoring details

Assign extra traces/minute

Tideways distributes the total number of traces according to your project license. Increasing this value will subtract from the current traces limit of the default "production" environment.


If more than one 'production' environment exists, it looks like this.

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