Switch Floating Licenses

This feature is in preview and the semantics and restrictions of switching licenses may still change.

With every plan you can switch the license between a regular project and a profiling space, effectively floating the regular project license between projects.

For the downgraded regular project this means all monitoring, history and issue (Exception, Non-Fatal) data will be deleted. Existing traces will stay until they run out of retention of the plan. The option to switch licenses between projects is only available every 7 daysacross an organization.


  1. Select the Profiling Space that you want to promote to a regular project on the dashboard..

  2. Open the "General Settings" section in the "Project Settings" of the profiling space.

  3. Find the "Switch License with Regular Project" section at the bottom and click "Switch License"

  4. Select the regular project to downgrade to a profiling space and confirm the action.

Confirmation screen to switch the license between a profiling space and a regular project.

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