Install on AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, RHEL, Fedora, CentOS

Tideways can be installed from our YUM repository which provides up to date rpm-Packages for all versions of the tideways-php, tideways-daemon, tideways-cli and tideways-proxy packages. To get started you only need the tideways-php and tideways-daemon packages.

Execute the following commands in your shell. They will verify and register our RPM repository and then install Tideways daemon and PHP extension from it:

dnf install -y 'dnf-command(config-manager)'

rpm --import ''
cat <<'REPO' > /tmp/tideways.repo
dnf config-manager --add-repo '/tmp/tideways.repo'

dnf install -y tideways-php tideways-daemon

Automatic Detection of PHP Installation

The tideways-php package automatically detects all PHP installations based on known conventions:

  • default PHP installations with configuration files in /etc/php.d.

When a php installation is detected the default ini file is copied to the configuration folder if it is not present and the Tideways extension is symlinked into the extension directory from the Tideways library directory in /usr/lib/tideways.

Manual PHP installation

Please follow additional installation instructions printed to the screen in case you are not using the default PHP installation of CentOS/Red Hat.

When the tideways-php package cannot automatically detected a PHP installation further installation is necessary to load the Tideways PHP extension shared object into PHP via the extension PHP.ini directive. See how to configure Tideways with a custom PHP installation.

If you have other ways to install PHP for example remirepo, ea-php (through cPanel) or Plesk, then you must symlink the Tideways PHP extension for your version of PHP from /usr/lib/tideways into your PHP’s extension directory and configure the extension in php.ini with:

With CentOS a kernel extension Security-Enhanced Linux(SELinux) is included and enabled per default. It can prevent tideways-daemon access to web-service (http) data. To work around this, look at SELinux enabled and no data transmitted.

CentOS 7 / Systems without dnf support

For systems without dnf you can also install tideways using yum by executing:

echo "[tideways]
name = Tideways
baseurl =" > /etc/yum.repos.d/tideways.repo
rpm --import
yum makecache --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=tideways
yum install tideways-php tideways-cli tideways-daemon
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