Missing Data Transmission Notification

Tideways can alert you when it did not receive monitoring, profiling or error data from your servers for longer than a configured timeframe between 1 and 24 hours.

By default this alert is not activated until your project has transmitted data for 3 or 7 consecutive days (depending on volume).

You can send a notification to any of the available integrations when a missing data incident is created.


  1. Open the Notifications settings screen in your project

  2. Click "Create Notification Rule" and select "Missing Data Transmission"

  3. Select Services and Environments to match the alert notification rule. By default all services of the production environment match.

  4. Configure "Alert me if there is no data after" by selecting one of 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours.

  5. Select the integrations to send a notification in case an incident is created.

  6. Save the Notification Rule.

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