Log Anonymizer Parsing Errors

The daemon anonymizes SQL statements and other queries using different specialized parsers. When the parser fails on an SQL statement, it gets discarded and not transmitted to the Tidewys backend as a precaution.

If you see a notice about anonymizer parsing errors in the Tideways Timeline UI, then you can help us debug these problems by enabling extended logging on the daemon.

Start the daemon with the --log-parser-errors flag and look at the logfile (default: /var/log/tideways/daemon.log) to see the original input query that failed and the error message.

# Modify /etc/default/tideways-daemon

Don’t forget to restart the daemon after this change, usually with /etc/init.d/tideways-daemon restart. And also don’t forget to disable the logging again after finding the problem.

Please write to [email protected] with these debug information to help us improve the anonymization parseing.

Still need help? Email [email protected]