Install on Linux From Tarball

You can download pre-compiled binary files from our download page. The PHP extensions are pre-compiled for ARM and AMD64 Linux architectures, non-ZTS and ZTS PHP installations.

wget -Otideways-php.tar.gz "${TIDEWAYS_VERSION}/tideways-php-${TIDEWAYS_VERSION}-x86_64.tar.gz"
tar xzvf tideways-php.tar.gz
cd tideways-php

The archive contains the PHP extension for all currently supported PHP versions. Then use the installer script which automatically detects the active PHP installation from your $PATH.


If the PHP version cannot be detected, then you can copy the extension yourself:

cp tideways-php-${PHP_VERSION}.so /usr/lib/php/

To install the tideways-daemon download the archive for the Tideways daemon and run the installer:

wget -Otideways-daemon.tar.gz "${TIDEWAYS_DAEMON}/tideways-daemon_linux_amd64-${TIDEWAYS_DAEMON}.tar.gz"
tar xzvf tideways-daemon.tar.gz
cd tideways-daemon

The daemon installer copies the "tideways-daemon" binary to /usr/local/bin/tideways-daemon and installs an init script that you can use to start the daemon with "/etc/init.d/tideways-daemon start".

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