Every host that runs a "tideways-daemon" or "tideways-proxy" service will be registered as a "server" in Tideways. This happens automatically and there isn’t much to configure in addition to that, so usually there is no need to dig into servers deeper.

Sampling and Servers

When daemons re-sample traces, then they do based on a traces/minute assignment that is done on the server level. In the "Servers & Environments" settings screen you can see how much traces each server is assigned.

Traces/Minute assignment per server


There are a few features that depend on recent daemon versions or PHP.ini configuration settings. You can see each servers enabled capabilities on the "Servers & Environments" settings screen.


Click on the "Details" button to see the individual requirements of a feature.

Disabling Data Transfer from a Server

If you want to disable data transmission from one of the servers reporting to Tideways, you can click on the "Disable" button to achieve this. Use-cases for this could be for example monitoring servers only temporarily, or improving the traces/minute ratios for other servers.

Sometimes Tideways staff needs to disable data transmission from individual servers that transfer excessive data due to a bug or other circumstances. In that case you can enable the servers again using the "Enable" button.

Removing Servers

If you want to remove a server that is not transmitting to Tideways anymore click "Remove". It will then not be shown for example in the "Traces" screen under filters.

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