Trigger from the Browser

The Tideways Profiler can be triggered from the browser, using the Chrome Web Extension.

Click on the extension’s logo in the toolbar of the browser to see a list of Tideways projects that you have access to.

List of projects and previously recoded traces.

Trigger the Profiler for the currently open site by clicking on "Take Profile" button next to the projects name. Usually the project that matches the website you are currently visiting is highlighted on top.

This will reload the page including a new cryptographically signed cookie that activates the Profiler including callgraph collection. A few seconds later the extension popup will show all traces that were collected by the trigger.

List of traces triggered by current profiling session.

Recently Performed Traces

To allow quick acess to current profiling data, the main window of the Chrome web extension lists up to 10 of the most recently triggred traces.

List of recently performed traces

When looking at a trace inside Tideways UI that was triggered via Chrome Web Extension the "References" tab allows to see other related trace, for example related Ajax requests.

List of trace references to navigation to

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