External HTTP Service Monitoring

This feature is only available starting with Tideways Daemon version 1.7.12 and PHP Extension version 5.4.12 released in July 2021 and requires the latest subscription plan.

Modern application interface with countless third party APIs on a regular basis and monitoring the uptime, performance and errors from these APIs is important to guarantee uptime of your service.

Tideways provides monitoring of external HTTP services by measuring the performance of every outgoing HTTP call in your application. Metrics are collected for every host and each minute.

A handful of external HTTP services such as github.com in a PHP application being monitored.

To see the external HTTP Service monitoring click on the button "External HTTP Calls" in the service monitoring overview screen.

From the details screen of a monitored external HTTP service you can see:

  • Collected traces that made calls to these HTTP services

  • One minute granularity monitoring data and histogram for the external service for projects with a Pro license

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