Call to Undefined Function tideways_enable()

Tideways provides two PHP extensions, one for our application monitoring, profiling and exception tracking product and one open-source XHProf fork called "tideways_xhprof".

We have split this up in early 2018 and the tideways_xhprof extension got a function rename from tideways_enable() to tideways_xhprof_enable() and for tideways_disable() to tideways_xhprof_disable().  You may find resources on the internet or projects integrations that still use the old syntax.

If you want to use Tideways XHPROF with an open-source user-interface, then the following changes are needed to get the open-source XHProf fork:

  • Install the extension from its Github repository "master" branch (stable).

  • Load the extension with

  • Use tideways_xhprof_enable() and tideways_xhprof_disable() functions


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