Profiling Spaces

This feature is only available for non-legacy plans introduced in Spring 2023.

In addition to projects that have all profiling, monitoring and exception-tracking features of Tideways, you can create profiling-only spaces. This is useful for analyzing any piece of PHP code during development, testing or on production - for projects that are not under 24/7 coverage.

Use either the Chrome Extension or the CLI for triggering traces in a Profiling Space.

On the Dashboard of your Tideways account, you’ll find a section "Profiling Spaces" below your list of projects.

List of Profiling Spaces and Summary of Last Traces

Click "Create New Profiling Space" to get to a form asking for the Name, Timezone and Teams (only when Team-based access is enabled) for the Profiling Space.

Create Profiling Space Form

Follow the setup steps afterwards to configure the PHP extension, daemon using the generated API Key for the Profiling Space.

Limits for Profiling Spaces

There are two limits that apply to Profiling Spaces based on the selected plan:

  • Number of Profiling Spaces that can be created

  • Number of Traces across all Profiling Spaces that can be triggered every day

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