Legacy Plans

We work hard to make sure that Tideways gets better every day, bringing you new features and improvements. As Tideways evolves, the plans and pricing we offer do as well.

We’ve created a policy for plan and pricing changes that we believe is fair and transparent to our customers, and also allows us to make decisions that are necessary for the business.

When Tideways stops offering a plan to new customers, it becomes a "legacy" plan. On the Your Billing page you’ll see a arning on top that looks something like this:

legacy plan changes

Your account will be migrated to a newer plan at some point in the future after your plan has been designated as legacy.

Our policy is that customers should not see their plan change the price more than once every 2 years. Based on the last upgrade and our 3 month notification period for pricing changes we calculate a migration date for a legacy plan automatically.

Organization admins and billing e-mails will receive an email notice 3 months before your account is migrated. The notification will include information on the new plan, differences in features and pricing.

Admins of the organization can initiate the upgrade themselves before that time and adjust the plans and project sizes to their own requirements.

If you have questions about this legacy plan migration policy, please don’t hesitate to write us a message to [email protected].

Still need help? Email [email protected]