The tideways settings file is called settings.json. It is automatically generated in the $HOME/.tideways/settings.json directory when the command tideways import <token> is called for the first time.

To store the settings.json file in another directory, use the environment variable TIDEWAYS_SETTINGS_DIR. Set it in your terminal file (e.g., .bashrc or .bash_profile) or directly with this command:

export TIDEWAYS_SETTINGS_DIR='/my/other/directory'


To allow automation of the tideways command, you can create a settings.json file with generated token from command line settings page with content like this:

  "token": "your token here",
  "endpoint": ""

Import this settings calling:

$ tideways import

You can ship the  settings.json in your automation toolchain with Ansible, Chef, Puppet or any other tool.

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