Command Line Interface Overview

The Tideways command line interface simplifies tracing PHP console scripts and HTTP API requests for you. You can prefix any php, curl, http (httpie) or wget command you want to trace with tideways run <app> and it will set local environment variables for a PHP script or arguments to send HTTP headers with curl/wget.


The tool is currently supported on both Linux and macOS.

On servers or machines were the package repositories for Tideways are setup, you can the install the Commandline interface from a package.

apt-get install tideways-cli
yum install tideways-cli
brew install tideways-cli


The first step to use the CLI is importing the settings for your account. Open Commandline user settings dialog and follow the instructions to call tideways import.

tideways import <copy your generated token here>
[OK] Imported Settings for Tideways CLI.
You can now start profiling with 'tideways run <args>'
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