Enabling Error Tracking

If your Error Tracking is not enabled yet, you will see a notice when you navigate to the Issues tab on the top navigation:

Exception Tracking Disabled Notice

You can activate Error Tracking right there or you can also enable Error Tracking in your Settings under "Exception Tracking":

Exception Tracking Settings

Code Context

With code context, Tideways collects code snippets around each frame of the error to give better information about the source of errors.

This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled from the "Exception Tracking" settings of the project.

Code context only works when the PHP process generating the errors has a tideways-daemon running on the same machine, as the tideways-daemon is responsible for fetching the code from disk to off-load the processing from the PHP process.

Ignored Exceptions

The "Ignored Exceptions" sub-screen in the Error Tracking project settings shows which exception classes are classified to be ignored and allows to remove an exception from this list again.

In addition this screen lists a number of exceptions as always ignored by default, mostly from well-known frameworks and libraries that are using these exceptions for control-flow and not to signal actual errors.

Further reading

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