Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a team chat offering workspace chat and videoconferencing, file storage, and application integration.

Tideways intregates with Microsoft Teams to forward alerts about response-time degradation and failure rate increases directly to a Team channel.


First, click on "Manage Team" in the options of a Team.

Manage Team

Navigate to the "Apps" Tab and select "More apps"

More Apps

Search for "Webhook" and select "Incoming Webhook".

Incoming Webhook

Add the connector to your team and give it a name to set it up.

Set up Connector

When clicking on "Create", a URL will be generated. Copy the URL and head over to your Tideways project. Open up the "Settings" screen and click through to configure "Integrations", where you can add a new integration. Select the Microsoft Teams integration, give it a name and provide the Webhook URL as an option:

Integration Settings

After saving the integration you should first use the Preview feature to test the integration and afterwards you can connect it to any of your notifications.

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