Slack is a team chat that promises a simpler, more pleasant, and more productive communication in your teams and company.


Tideways intregates with Slack to forward alerts about response-time degradation and failure rate increases directly to a Slack channel.


To integrate Slack with Tideways, go to your Slack account and select "Configure Integrations". Select a new "Incoming Webhook" integration.


Select a channel you want to post alert notifications to and click on "Add Incoming Webhooks Integration".


Copy the "Webhook Url" from the next screen as shown below.


Head over to your Tideways project. Open up the "Settings" screen and click through to configure "Integrations", where you can add a new integration. Select the Slack integration, give it a name and provide the Webhook URL as an option:


Compact or Detailed Messages

You can choose between compact or detailed messages. Compact notifications consist of a title and one line of information, while detailed notifications contain more information:

compact notification
detailed notification

You can also enter your Slack-compatible webhook URL from tools such as Mattermost, Discord or Matrix.

After saving the integration you should first use the Preview feature to test the integration and afterwards you can connect it to any of your notifications.

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