Collecting for multiple environments on one server

For technical reasons each tideways-daemon can handle exactly one environment. This means if you have an application runs with multiple environments on one server, this is not possible with the default setup of the tideways-daemon.

You can start the daemon multiple times on one server to get support for multiple environments.

  1. Start the daemon for a second (or third time, …​) for each additional environment on the server.

    tideways-daemon --hostname="$HOSTNAME-staging" --env=staging --address=/var/run/tideways/tidewaysd-staging.sock --log=/var/log/tideways/daemon-staging.log

    You should wrap this in a service, for example by copying the systemd service unit file to create a new "tideways-daemon-staging" unit that you can use to control the process and restart it after reboots.

  1. Then in php.ini for the application running in staging environment you can do:


    or setting the environment variable via Nginx vhost (via PHP-fpm pool or Apache is also possible through their APIs).

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