Deprecations Tracking

Note: This feature is currently in Beta. You need to install the beta PHP extension and daemon that support this beta feature and be marked as Beta customer to use it.

Deprecations Tracking is similar to Exception Tracking and logs all PHP errors with the E_DEPRECATED and E_USER_DEPRECATED error type. Deprecations are aggregated based on the location they occur at so that you can easily spot code that needs to be adapted for futures upgrades.

By default deprecations tracking is disabled and needs to be set in the PHP INI configuration of your project with this directive:


You then need to restart your PHP process (FPM, Apache) and deprecations will be tracked from there on.

The deprecations of your project are listed by going on the "Errors" main navigation item and then clicking on "Deprecations". The UI is the same as for Exception/Error tracking, including the same workflow operations like resolving or ignoring deprecations.


Note: Deprecations do not count into the Error Rate of a project and you will not get notified about them as part of the Error/Exception Notifications.

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